Mug cup

Mug cup

SKU: MU8106

Diameter ⌀8.6cm

Height 10 cm


Hand-thrown by mixing black and white porcelain together on the wheel. Each with a unique marbling pattern. The interior and the rim are glazed with a shiny transparent glaze, the exterior unglazed area is polished for a smooth touch.

The works are handmade in a durable, high-quality porcelain, food safe and dishwasher safe. Please take care, handwashing is always the best option for a unique piece of pottery.

'Usually it would only take two firings (a bisque & a glaze firing) to complete the work, but these mugs would at least take 3 times firings and require so much attentions to ensure the handles are stuck well.So the mugs, to me, are very precious!

PS. The mugs can hold 400ml (much bigger than my cup) - we definitely need a big cup of tea in the winter, don't we?'