Dinner Plate (L)

Dinner Plate (L)

SKU: P-L8107

Diameter ⌀26cm
Height 1.8 cm

Hand-thrown by mixing black and white porcelain together on the wheel. Each with a unique marbling pattern. The interior is glazed with a satin transparent glaze. The unglazed area is polished for a smooth touch.

The works are handmade in a durable, high-quality porcelain, food safe and dishwasher safe. Please take care, handwashing is always the best option for a unique piece of pottery.

'This one is bigger than the standard one.
Quite often without seeing the process, people would think that the outcome is done by painting the patterns over a white plate, especially this one which looks like a brushstroke!
But if you slice the plate in cross-section, you would see the black porcelain is within the body. The pattern is generated by mixing black and white porcelain together and each time is a wonderful surprise!'