Double sided plate (M)

Double sided plate (M)

SKU: P-D8102

Diameter ⌀ 20cm
Height 1.3 cm

This can be used both sides. One side flatted for display purpose, the other side is made with a rim, preventing any liquids that may spill out.

Hand-thrown by mixing black and white porcelain together on the wheel. Each with a unique marbling pattern. One side is glazed with a satin transparent glaze. The unglazed area is polished for a smooth touch.

The works are handmade in a durable, high-quality porcelain, food safe and dishwasher safe. Please take care, handwashing is always the best option for a unique piece of pottery.

'When I am making the plates, I always have to choose which side to be the front side, thinking the pattern on the other side bottom is just as nice as the top! That's when the idea of the double sided plate fall into place.

This one's tone is a little bit different, it's made with porcelain from China.'