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For bigger scale projects, I have worked with local and international clients to create public installations, including the Hong Kong Tram, Chinese Medicine Cultural Festival, curators from Taiwan to illustrate unique stories behind different cultures.



Classic Craft, Modern Meaning

A non-profit local arts and crafts programme, curated by Ceekayello that seeks to explore potential modern adaptions of the gradually fading traditional crafts in Hong Kong. Click into the images for more details.


Chime of Cure

A sound installation designed and made for International Chinese Medicine Cultural Festival in Hong Kong. The work is inspired by an ancient metal bell (named ‘Yao Ling’) that was used by the Chinese medicine practitioners thousands of years ago.



Working with the curators from Taiwan, individual porcelain cubes were made for their food performance event at Taiwan Culture Festival 2016 in Hong Kong - Eatopia, creating a unique culinary experience that tells stories about the history of Taiwan.


Window Display

The Perfect Imbalance collection was displayed at one of the windows of Canary Wharf Shopping Centre in London. Each piece showcased a unique swirl of the two clay (black stoneware and porcelain), creating an interesting wall space.