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When was the last time you immersed yourself in nature?


I’ve learned many valuable lessons living in rural Japan. While it can feel as though our lives have been turned upside down by the pandemic and everything else, nature continues to show us the way forward by continuing to do what it does best: 


living in the moment, one moment at a time

Coming to Japan has revitalized my energy from the overworked lifestyle in Hong Kong and I felt my works have guided me to this stage. I discovered that by walking into the world of nature, I am able to find the pause that I need in a day, a more analogue form of self-reflection.

By witnessing the seasons change, I’ve learned that everything in life is simply in passing. The recognition that all in existence is transient.


The ephemeral nature of youth, the dimming of romance, and the shifting of seasons need not be mourned, but rather celebrated and valued for their impermanence, as it is from this impermanence that their true beauty arises.


Mono no aware

    も          の                    の              あ        わ        れ

A collection that celebrates the changing seasons and the fleeting beauty of the world, inviting nature to add colours and integrate itself into the medium of clay.

Prunus × yedoensis, fall 2022, riverside

The colours are generated by natural materials gathered over different seasons, e.g. carrot leaves from my garden in summer, sakura leaves in autumn, and ginkgo leaves in winter. 


An important element of my works is that the results are always unpredictable, resulting in 100% unique pieces.

The natural dyes used here will evolve with time and use. Today’s look will be different from yesterday’s - it’s a living body of work that encourages us to slow down, observe and appreciate different seasons of life.

DSC02188 copy_edited.jpg
Ginkgo biloba fall 2021, riverside
Prunus × yedoensis, fall 2022, riverside

Mono no aware collection commemorates my reconnection with Mother Earth and celebrate my journey of becoming an environmental activist.

I thank nature for being my greatest teacher, not only adding colours onto my works, but into my living.

It is my aspiration to share my invaluable lesson with the audience through my works, a reminder of the sacred duty we hold to safeguard our precious natural world.

DSC02068 copy_edited.jpg
DSC02076 copy.jpg
DSC02340 copy_edited.jpg
DSC02189 copy_edited.jpg
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