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Misty Mountains

When was the last time you took a break?

A break at home
with nourishing foods


A break
under the sun

with nature


A break after
a long day

with your loved ones


A break of mindfulness
with yourself


The Perfect Imbalance

A collection inspired by the Eastern philosophical concepts of Yin & Yang - specifically how the two opposing energies coexist by constantly finding balance within each other.


Since my creations revolve around tableware, I focused on the Yin-Yang Food Therapy from Traditional Chinese Medicine, which is ‘a way of eating’ my family adopted since I was young.

Growing up in a Chinese culture, it has been ingrained in me the importance of balancing our bodies’ energies by consuming food of an opposing energy, in order for us to recover from illnesses and remain healthy.

20210910_54 copy.jpg

The organic process of marbling black and white porcelain results in unique creations that serve as a material metaphor for our bodies -
we all have a unique blend of Yin and Yang energy that needs to be constantly rebalanced.

The Perfect Imbalance collection hence, serves as a constant reminder for us to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle through gaining a better understanding of our body conditions.

Calm Sea

Just like how food has, and will always be our medicine, I hope my work can heal - whether it’s through offering a much needed break in your busy schedules, or shedding light on the importance of looking within to understand our beautiful bodies. 


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Customer Reviews

average rating is 5 out of 5

31 Aug 2022

Ceramics made with love

Can’t be happier to find my go to place for gifts and self used daily homeware. I love everything from Amanda because of the stories and dedication that she has put into each piece. I have commissioned for wedding gifts, as well as purchased bowls and cups for my daily use. Every time I use them, I just can’t help staring at it and admire the beauty of the craftsmanship. Thank you for always perfecting every single piece of your work!



Hong Kong

average rating is 5 out of 5

30 Apr 2021

Amazing ceramics, I just love it

Amanda‘s work is just outstanding. I have bought her ceramics for myself and as a wedding gift. She puts so much love into each piece and they are truely outstanding, the quality is second to none.




average rating is 5 out of 5

31 Dec 2021

Unique wedding gift

I was looking for a unique wedding gift for my friends rather last minute so I struggled to find something customised for the couple. Then Amanda’s ceramics comes to mind and I feel so lucky to get this set of cups while she still have stock! Delivery from Japan to HK was timely; they were very well wrapped so it arrived intact, and the packaging is beautiful. It was a perfect unique gift and my friends absolutely love them!



Hong kong

average rating is 5 out of 5

13 Nov 2020








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