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Round Cup

Round Cup

SKU: RC0722-5

Diameter top ⌀7.7cm 
Height 7.8cm

Volume 330ml

A unique marbling pattern created by mixing together black and white porcelain on the wheel.

The interior and the rim is glazed with a satin transparent glaze. The unglazed area is polished for a silky, smooth touch.

Please handle with care, handwashing is always the best option for a unique piece of pottery.

Please read: Shipping & Packaging

  • Amanda's Musings

    'Check this under the light for the magic translucency of porcelain.'

  • Gift Packing

    Wooden box packaging service is available for those who would like to buy a pair of cups/bowls as gift set. Please bare in mind it will take around 1-2 weeks to order the box in Japan and to get it packed.

    1. Choose the pairs of cups/bowls the you would like to buy as the gift set.
    2. On my shop you can also find 'The wooden box gift packing' and put it into the cart.
    3. Make sure you're purchasing both the works and the box when check-out.
    4. After receiving you order, I will get the wood box ordered and get the gift set ready within 2 weeks time (although longer periods may apply due to the pandemic and during holiday season.)

    Any questions, please feel free to message me!  

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