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Prunus × yedoensis, fall 2022, riverside

Prunus × yedoensis, fall 2022, riverside

SKU: MNA-81002L

from my latest collection ー "mono no aware" 

Inspired by my time in Japan, this new collection asks us to appreciate the present, and celebrate what each season has to offer. It documents the four seasons, inviting nature to add colour and integrate itself into my work. 

All the pots are hand-built. The colours on the ceramics are generated by natural materials gathered over different seasons. This piece is dyed with sakura leaves collected in fall 2022 along the riverside in Miyashiro, Japan.

The natural dyes used here will evolve with time and use. Today’s look will be different from yesterday’s - it’s a living body of work that encourages us to slow down, observe and embrace changes.

Size: H18.5 x L22.1 x W7.2cm


Stoneware, porcelain, natural dye.

The interior is glazed with a transparent glaze.


Handmade in Japan.
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  • Amanda's Musings

    'These past years in Japan have taught me a lot about slow living, and how to live more mindfully. Everything has a place in the cycle of life. By witnessing the seasons change, I’ve learned that seasons come and go. The realization that nothing lasts makes them all the more precious.'

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