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Round Cup (Pre-order)

Round Cup (Pre-order)

SKU: RC0423-1

Diameter top ⌀8cm 
Height 8cm

A unique marbling pattern created by mixing together black and white porcelain on the wheel.

The interior and the rim is glazed with a satin transparent glaze. The unglazed area is polished for a silky, smooth touch.


  • You are welcome to choose the marbling blend - whether you would like it to be more white dominant, black dominant or more mixed.
  • The nature of the marbling technique involves two colour mixes of porcelain merging together. The results are always unexpected, and will not be the same as shown in the images, which is the beauty of these marbling pieces - they are all unique in their own ways and can never be replicated.

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Ready to be shipped by within 4 weeks.
  • Amanda's Musings


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