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Kyusu Teapot

Kyusu Teapot

SKU: K230411-1

New kyusu teapot, inspired by the time in Japan.

L11.7 x W9.7x H8.3cm

A unique marbling pattern created by mixing together black and white porcelain on the wheel.

The interior is glazed with a clear transparent glaze. The unglazed area is polished for a smooth, silky touch.


Handmade in Japan.
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  • Amanda's Musings

    'In Chinese and British culture, most teapots have curved ‘back’ handles, whereas side handles are rather uncommon. I wasn’t aware of the benefits of side-handled teapots until coming to Japan. They’re incredibly ergonomic: the handle fits nicely in our hand, and doesn’t strain our wrists while we pour. 

    I’m so glad I finally found the type of teapot I’d like to make!'

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